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Seat Belts / Child Restraint Laws

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For literature, information and downloadable brochures from the Automotive Safety Program Click here.

This is a very good resource for answering and questions concerning child safety seats as well as providing a set of guidelines for the proper installation thereof.

Passenger Restraint Systems for Adults

Effective July 1. 2007

IC 9-19-10-2

Use of safety belt by motor vehicle occupants; safety belt standards
Each occupant of a motor vehicle equipped with a safety belt that: (2) is standard equipment installed by the manufacturer; shall have a safety belt properly fastened about the occupant's body at all times when the vehicle is in forward motion.
This now includes pickup trucks, SUVs and vans.

IC 9-19-10-8

Failure of front seat occupant to use belt; violation;
(a) A person who: (1) is at least sixteen (16) years of age; and (2) violates section 2 of this chapter; commits a Class D infraction.

Exemptions for passenger restraint systems for adults.

Sec. 1. This chapter does not apply to an occupant of a motor vehicle who meets any of the following conditions:
(1) For medical reasons should not wear safety belts, provided the occupant has written documentation of the medical reasons from a physician. (2) Is a child required to be restrained by a child restraint system under IC 9-19-11.
(3) Is traveling in a commercial or a United States Postal Service vehicle that makes frequent stops for the purpose of pickup or delivery of goods or services. (4) Is a rural carrier of the United States Postal Service and is operating a vehicle while serving a rural postal route.
(5) Is a newspaper motor route carrier or newspaper bundle hauler who stops to make deliveries from a vehicle. (6) Is a driver examiner designated and appointed under IC 9-14-2-3 and is conducting an examination of an applicant for a permit or license under IC 9-24-10.
(7) Is an occupant of a farm truck being used on a farm in connection with agricultural pursuits that are usual and normal to the farming operation, as set forth in IC 9-29-5-13(b)(2). (8) Is an occupant of a motor vehicle participating in a parade. (9) Is an occupant of the living quarters area of a recreational vehicle.
(10) Is an occupant of the treatment area of an ambulance (as defined in IC 16-18-2-13). (11) Is an occupant of the sleeping area of a tractor. (12) Is an occupant other than the operator of a vehicle described in IC 9-20-11-1(1).
(13) Is an occupant other than the operator of a truck on a construction site. (14) Is a passenger other than the operator in a cab of a Class A recovery vehicle or a Class B recovery vehicle who is being transported in the cab because the motor vehicle of the passenger is being towed by the recovery vehicle.
(15) Is an occupant other than the operator of a motor vehicle being used by a public utility in an emergency as set forth in IC 9-20-6-5.

Indiana Child Passenger Restraint Laws

Effective July 1. 2005

IC 9-19-11-2

Sec. 2. (a) A person who operates a motor vehicle in which there is a child less than eight (8) years of age who is not properly fastened and restrained according to the child restraint system manufacturer's instructions by a child restraint system commits a Class D infraction. A person may not be found to have violated this subsection if the person carries a certificate from a physician, physician's assistant, or advanced practice nurse stating that it would be impractical to require that a child be fastened and restrained by a child restraint system because of:
(1) a physical condition, including physical deformity; or
(2) a medical condition; of the child and presents the certificate to the police officer or the court.

Indiana’s child passenger safety law requires all children less than eight years of age to be properly restrained in a federally approved child restraint system, which can include a belt positioning booster seat. Children at least 8 years old until their 16th birthday must be properly restrained in a child restraint or seat belt in all seating positions in all vehicles.

Recommendation guideline for rear-facing car seats.

According to current safety recommendations, children are best protected in a crash if they are seated facing the rear of the vehicle until they are about two (2) years old or until they reach the top weight or height allowed by the car seat manufacturer. Since most new convertible car seats have an upper rear facing weight limit of 35-40 pounds, children should be able to remain rear-facing longer to receive maximum protection in a crash.


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