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Warrick County Judicial Center


Warrick County Judicial Center
1 County Square
Boonville Indiana, 47601

The Warrick County Judicial Center is located at the intersection of Main Street and 3rd Street in downtown Boonville Indiana. It is directly across the street from the old courthouse (north side of square).

The public entrance to the facility is located on 3rd Street, which is on the east side of the building.

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Court Security Supervisor

Sgt. Brian Waters

Court Security

Deputy Jack Donahoo

Deputy Andrew Bunys

Corrections Officer Jeremy Holder

Upon entering the Judicial Center

All persons entering the Judicial Center, with the exceptions of police officers, are to be checked by the security staff. All persons entering the building will walk through the magnetometer (metal detector) to check for any metal objects that could be used as a weapon. The magnetometer will also pick up cellophane and foil covered items such as cigarette packs and gum wrappers.

Prior to passing through the metal detector, the security personnel will ask you to remove your belt and all items from your pockets including cell phones then place said items into a basket and pass it to one of the officers.

All purses and brief cases will be checked through an x-ray machine as well.


(Unless you are a police officer)

Guns - If you bring a handgun into the Judicial Center you will be checked for a handgun permit then asked to return the weapon to your vehicle.

Firearms Ammunition - You will be asked to return any firearms ammunition to your vehicle.

Knives - Which includes scissors, box cutters, utility knives, screw drivers or any other sharp or pointed objects. Patrons will be asked to return any of the above mentioned items to their vehicles prior to entering the building.

We understand that this might be a slight inconvenience, but it is a necessity to ensure safety for the public and Judicial Center employees alike.


Warrick County Sheriff's Office
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Merit Board

The Sheriff's Merit Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month at the Sheriff's Office.

This meeting is open to the public.

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