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The information on this page is provided for your convenience and hopefully will answer any questions you have regarding the subjects listed below.

When paying with cash, the Sheriff's Office accepts exact cash only. No change will be given. This includes all reports, gun permits, etc, Personal checks are accepted.

Handgun Permits

As of March 12th, 2013, County residents wanting an Indiana handgun license must apply online with the Indiana State Police. Click here to start the process. http://www.in.gov/isp/3179.htm

See Firearms Get More Information page for more info on Indiana handgun laws. http://www.in.gov/isp/3264.htm

Information of which States will honor Indiana's handgun permits. USAcarry.com

There are two types of handgun permits:

Personal Protection Permit: also known as the unlimited permit - A Personal Protection Permit provides that the holder may carry the handgun anytime, anywhere in the State of Indiana (unless restricted by proprietary rules) in plain sight or concealed.

The Hunting and Target Permit: covers carrying the handgun to and from hunting / target practice. The handgun must be unloaded and in plain sight during transport.

Applicants may apply for either a four (4) year permit or a lifetime permit.

Applicants must list any criminal arrest and never have been convicted of a felony.

Applicants must not be considered an alcohol or drug abuser.

Applicants cannot have been sentenced on any crime which he/she has received more than a one (1) year sentence.

Applicable Fees: We accept exact amount of cash or personal checks for the local fee.

License Type: Four (4) year Hunting and Target
Local Fee: $10.00 / $5.00 Refundable*
State Fee $5.00

License Type: Four (4) year Personal Protection
Local Fee: $10.00 / $5.00 Refundable*
State Fee $30.00

License Type: Lifetime Hunting and Target / No Current License
Local Fee: $50.00 / $30.00 Refundable*
State Fee $25.00

License Type: Lifetime Hunting and Target / No Valid License
Local Fee: $40.00 / $30.00 Refundable*
State Fee $20.00

License Type: Lifetime Personal Protection / No Current License
Local Fee: $50.00 / $30.00 Refundable*
State Fee $75.00

License Type: Lifetime Personal Protection / Current Valid License
Local Fee: $40.00 / $30.00 Refundable*
State Fee $60.00

License Type: Retired Law Enforcement
Local Fee: Not Provided in Law
State Fee Fee Exempt

License Type: Firearms Dealer
Local Fee: Not Provided in Law
State Fee Fee Exempt

* A portion of the local fee is refundable if a license is not issued. The entire State fee is refundable if no license is issued.

Sheriff Sales

Effective October 1, 2010 - Sheriff Sales will be handled by Lieberman Technologies, LLC.

Sheriff sales are held at the Warrick County Sheriff's Office every second Thursday of each month at 100 p.m. sharp.

For information concerning sales please call (812) 434-6600 or click on the link provided below.

Lieberman Technologies, LLC Sheriff Sale Page - www.in-sheriffsale.com

Civil Process

One of the main functions of a County Sheriff's Office is to serve the courts. This includes service of process for all three (3) county courts, other Indiana counties and out-of-state courts. Civil process employees serve several types of papers related to - small claims actions, misdemeanors, felonies and civil proceedings. This office will serve only those papers issued by the courts. Personal service will be attempted, but if unsuccessful, service will be made by leaving a copy at the address listed. A full street address is required.

Out-of-State agencies should include any affidavit of service required and a self-addressed stamped envelope for return. There is an out-of-state service fee of $60.00 for each individual to be served. The fee is to be remitted with the papers to be served.

Report Copies

Copies of completed accident reports, case reports, etc. are available for a fee of $5.00 per report (this is a State mandated fee). Requests may be made by mail (self addressed stamped envelope are required when ordering by mail) or in person, with the fee payable prior to receipt of the copies. Cash, checks or money orders are accepted (when paying by cash please bring the exact amount of money needed to pay the fees because change cannot be given). Only copies of those cases or accidents worked by the Warrick County Sheriff's Office are available. It would be advisable to contact the office by phone to confirm that the report is complete and available.

* Effective July 1, 2006 at the fee for report copies has increased to $5.00 per report.

Criminal History

Limited criminal history information is available, either by written request or by person (self addressed, stamped envelopes are required when ordering by mail). If a state wide criminal check, please contact the Indiana State Police. No request for this information is honored over the phone or by fax. This record inspection is limited to the record of incarcerations in the Warrick County Security Center and applies only to the original charge. No information as to final disposition (resulting in charges, fines, sentencing, etc.) is available. Two identifiers are required in order to process a background check. The full name, date of birth, social security number or driver's license number must be provided. Female recipients need to provide any prior last names (eg. maiden, prior married names, etc.).

This service is frequently requested for adoptions, travel visas, pre-employment requirements, housing, etc. There is a fee of $7.00 for each record check and may be paid by cash, check or money order (when paying by cash please bring the exact amount of the fee(s), because change cannot be given). Criminal history checks are preformed Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Indiana State Tax Warrants

Indiana County Sheriff's are required by State statute to collect delinquent State taxes. These taxes may be for individual income, sales tax, withholding or corporate liability. The Indiana Department of Revenue first files a lien at the County Clerk's Office, then forwards a copy to this office. Taxpayers are provided an opportunity to either establish a payment plan with this office or to pay the debt in full. Failure this debt may result in a levy being placed on checking and or saving accounts and sale of personal property to satisfy this debt. Tax warrants that remain unsatisfied are returned to the Department of Revenue for further action, resulting in additional costs to the taxpayer.

Payment may be made in person at the Warrick County Sheriff's Office or by mail. No personal or business checks are accepted. Please arrange to pay by cashiers check, money order or cash. Payments are accepted Monday through Friday from 8 a.m to 4 p.m.

Title Checks

Vehicle inspections, commonly referred to as title checks, are required for any vehicle purchased out of state, assembled (e.g. homemade trailers) or for vehicles that have a salvaged title. The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles requires a title check of the manufacturer's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), prior to licensing a vehicle in Indiana. The officer is sent to the owner's home for this service if the vehicle is not legal to drive on public roadways. Vehicles that are legally licensed may be driven to the Warrick County Sheriff's Office for this service.


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The Sheriff's Merit Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month at the Sheriff's Office.

This meeting is open to the public.

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